Anthony Kozar

(photo credit: Zach)

Hello!  My name is Anthony Kozar and I am a composer, sound artist, musician, and computer programmer among other things.  I try to engage in a wide variety of creative activities and I use this site to share the more interesting fruits of my endeavors.

I am fascinated by process and complex textures in music, so I enjoy contrapuntal and algorithmic music from Pérotin to Pärt, and from Bach to Brian Eno.  In my own music, I have explored using a small number of simple algorithms and sound-processing techniques to generate music that I hope is richer than its humble inputs.  I have mostly employed synthesizers and computers to realize my musical compositions but have in the past written and arranged for other instruments including piano, organ, brass, and woodwinds.  I hope to return to writing for acoustic instruments some day.  I am interested in the dual musical issues of tuning and temperament, particularly the use of just intonation in new and historical music.

Somewhere around 1999 or 2000 I discovered Csound and the allure of the “unlimited” potential of this software for sound manipulation and music-making gradually came to dominate many of my activities.  I have used Csound to write many of my compositions since 2001 and from 2003 to the present most of the software development that I have done has been on the Csound core software or for various “front-ends” and utilities that attempt to make Csound easier to use.

In 2007, I helped Bernard Bel port his music composition software, Bol Processor, to Mac OS X and I have continued to participate in its development since that time.

In the past few years, I have been revisiting some of my older passions – studying Bach, dusting off my piano skills, learning new music, and exploring several areas of mathematics (some familiar, some not).  And I have been setting some new challenges for myself like solving the Rubik’s Cube.  I enjoy games and puzzles of many types and can sometimes be found playing abstracts or Zendo, a game of inductive logic, on Super Duper Games.  Offline, I am something of a nocturnal recluse.  I enjoy the quiet solitude of working, reading, or playing late at night.

Personal and Biographical Details

Location: Northeast Ohio, USA

Spouse: Elizabeth Mather

Email: contact me

Sourceforge profile: akozar

SDG profile: AnalogKid

IMDb: profile (a list of films that use my music)

Education: BA in Humanities and MSE in Computer Science, University of Toledo (Toledo, Ohio)

Biography: My composer’s bio is available for now.  I am working on a more complete biography.

Belief Systems: a mixture of freethinking, scientific skepticism and philosophical skepticism with metaphysical naturalism