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Score Changer

Score Changer is a console (or commandline) program for performing simple transformations on Csound scores. It allows you to set, scale, or add an offset to any pfield for all notes or just a specific instrument within a score file.

The program is very simple and only understands Csound’s “standard numeric score” format (no carries, ramps, expressions, macros, etc.).

New May 26, 2013

This release is a small update that adds a new option allowing Midi note numbers to be changed into Octave.Pitchclass format.  Executables for Windows, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and Mac OS Classic are now included.  Source code is also included and will hopefully compile on any computer with a standards-compliant C++ compiler.

Download: (1.3MB)

Released July 7, 2004

This was the first public release of Score Changer.  The file is a MacBinary-encoded Apple Disk Copy disk image and includes a Mac OS Classic application with source code and a CodeWarrior project file.

Download: ScoreChanger.img.bin (120K)

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