An Ode to Two Binary Dates

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Here is a fun bit of semi-nonsense that I composed almost three years ago to celebrate the occurrence of the twin “binary dates” on Nov. 10, ’11 and Nov. 11, ’11.  They were the final binary dates of this century.

Ode to 111011 and 111111

O 111011 and 111111!
We sing to thee,
a dyad of diurnal bits
twined in twain,
‘tween which none are ‘twixt!

O dual days, divotive two,
divergent bi-ways of boolean biphilia,
dare we not and nor or nand!
Direct our trilling duet
t’wards thy twin twilit lands.

Doubt naught even dubious ones;
distrust no duplexed dichotomy.
There’s no discord in duplicity!
Four your double pairing is no dilemma,
but a divulging of parallel parity.

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