Short bio

Anthony Kozar is a composer and programmer who uses computers to create dark and minimalist sonic terrains (among other things). His music has been used in the soundtrack of the 2011 film Alien Inhabitant and in the short documentary film On Mont Blanc with Don Planner.  It has also been distributed with the game Eclipse Phase: Continuity.  Anthony studied music, philosophy, mathematics, and computer science at the University of Toledo and was mentored in composition by Lee Heritage.  While at UT, he was a founding member of the Underground Composers’ League, which hosted a series of concerts presenting works by student composers.  He has written algorithmic music software to aid his personal compositional process and has contributed to several open-source projects such as Bol Processor and Csound.  Other interests and pursuits include playing and studying early music, playing and tinkering with table-top games, and musing on the future of software, technology, and human society.