Continuum one (from “A Peace”)

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I am trying to catch up a little this weekend with posting older, unreleased materials.  Continuum one is an ambient piece that is closely related to my electroacoustic composition A PeaceA Peace is a live performance work with improvised piano accompanied by an algorithmically-generated synthesizer part.  I realized the synthesizer part using a single patch with complex modulation routings on my Kurzweil K2000 keyboard.  This algorithmic patch — which I dubbed “Continuum one” — creates non-repeating music in an ambient style by repeating each note the performer depresses on the keyboard at a different rate and will play itself for an unlimited duration until it is turned off by the performer.  So, in 2006 I recorded just the synthesizer part for over 70 minutes to create the CD-length piece: Continuum one.  Both an MP3 of Continuum one and the original K2000 patch are available below.


Continuum one (from “A Peace”) [71:46 – 65.8 MB]
Collection of algorithmic K2000 programs

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