Music4C is a music synthesis program written by Graeme Gerrard around 1988 to run natively on Apple Macintosh computers. Unlike most other Music-N languages available for Mac OS 9 and earlier (eg. Csound), Music4C is not just a port of a Unix program, but makes use of native Mac Toolbox functions and provides a simple graphical interface.

While you can download the package on this page and run the application it contains, that will only be a demonstration of what Music4C can do. To really make use of Music4C, you need to be familiar with audio programming in the C language and have a C compiler available. Music4C allows you to write your own “orchestra” in C using the synthesis routines (“unit generators”) that it provides. You compile your orchestra together with the rest of the Music4C system and then feed textual score files to it in order to create music.

Music4C PPC 2.5.1

New March 14, 2007

Version 2.5.1 of Music4C has been updated to run natively on PowerPC Macs and use more recently available compilers (CodeWarrior and MPW). Previously available versions would only compile for 68K Macs with the Think C compiler.


Music4C-PPC-2.5.1.img.bin (104K)

Sending Feedback

You can direct questions, comments, and bug reports to me if you like and I will answer your emails, but I most likely will not continue to update this software.

Feel free to leave a public comment below or send other feedback via the email address on my contact page.


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