LR2 Level Generators

LR2 Level Generators is a collection of computer programs that I have been developing since 2003 to automatically generate new random levels for Lode Runner 2. There are now programs by several authors in existence that make levels for Lode Runner games.

So far, I have written two programs: Square Creator and Maze Generator. The levels they create are not very sophisticated yet but I may work slowly on improving the algorithms and invent new algorithms until the software is capable of creating truly interesting and challenging puzzles.

Square Creator

The Square Creator program creates VERY simple levels. It always creates a square platform with an exit in the center and a gold piece in each corner. You can choose the size of the platform that it creates.

Square Creator was designed as a proof of concept to show that it is possible to program a computer to make unique Lode Runner 2 levels. (Of course, the LR2 editor writes level files as well, but Square Creator programatically creates the level layout without human interaction). I originally wrote Square Creator in Chipmunk BASIC, but it is now ported to ANSI C++.

Maze Generator

Screenshot of a computer-generated Lode Runner mazeMaze Generator is a more recent experiment in level generation and allows the creation of sets of random mazes laid out in a horizontal plane in the 3-D Lode Runner world. Maze Generator creates random mazes of only moderate interest. No gold, monks, or puzzles. Just empty mazes to navigate through. I may add some of these other features in the future.

Version 1.3 of Maze Generator adds the ability to create levels in multiple worlds with 9 different styles (combinations of bricks).

Maze Generator has a console interface and is written in portable ANSI C++. It should compile easily on most systems.


The LR2 Level Generators are available for both Macintosh and Windows computers. They are copyrighted by me but are free to use, modify, and redistribute under an open-source software license. Source code is included in the packages below.

The ReadMe file was left out of the Mac packages, so you may want to save a copy.

Updated January 26, 2012
Level Generators ReadMe

Release Date Macintosh Windows
Jan 6, 2012 1.3 1.3
Dec 13, 2005 1.2 1.2
May 13, 2005 1.1 1.1
May 13, 2005 1.0

Please read the license before redistributing these files.

Other level generation software

After I released the first version of my Level Generators, Jim Winkler added a feature to his Lode Runner Hacker’s Editor to create random levels for Lode Runner Online (Mad Monk’s Revenge). Jim also added the ability to automatically convert levels from a Lode Runner remake made by Spoonbill Software.

In 2012, I became aware of the work of Eko Widiatmoko who has written his own software for creating random, but interesting, layouts of basic bricks and writing them as LR2 level files. These level “prototypes” can then be finished by a human level designer. Examples of Eko’s software-generated levels are available from the Files section of the Lode Runner Yahoo Group.

Eko and Jim can both be contacted via the Lode Runner Yahoo Group.

Sending Feedback

I am always happy to hear from people who are using my work or to hear about your own Lode Runner-related creations. Feel free to leave a public comment below or send other feedback via the email address on my contact page.



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