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As you’ve probably noticed, has a new, spiffy, “modern” design. I created the old site design in 2003 and have been hand-coding the site in HTML and CSS ever since. And I basically spent 10 years wishing that I had a better way to manage certain aspects of the site! :)

Well, the new site is built using the WordPress content management system which brings numerous benefits for both myself and my visitors.  The navigational menu and sidebar links alone are an enormous leap forward!  Having a uniform and beautiful design that I have to do practically nothing to maintain makes it that much better.  I’m still not sure if WordPress will save me a lot of time actually posting new music and software to the site.  Maybe some additional custom coding will help …

HUGE THANKS to the WordPress team along with the many theme and plugin authors for making such a great, easy to use, and free (open-source) web platform!

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