Continuum no. 2

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Here is another previously unreleased composition.  Continuum no. 2 is an ambient piece that, like Continuum one, is algorithmically-generated by a single complex patch on my Kurzweil K2000 keyboard.  The Continuum no. 2 algorithmic patch goes a little further and performs the entire piece when a single key (“C4”) is depressed on the keyboard.  This single gesture spawns 12 note loops, each beginning at a different time and repeating at a different rate and will play itself for an unlimited duration until it is turned off by the performer.  In 2006, I recorded Continuum no. 2 for over 60 minutes to create an album-length version of the piece.  An MP3 of this recording and the original K2000 patch are available below.


Continuum no. 2 [67:44 – 62.1 MB]
Continuum no. 2 K2000 program file

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